Mindanao Central Sanitarium a DOH-retained hospital with an authorized bed capacity of 450 beds. However, due to budgetary constraints and the dual role of providing both custodial care to Hansenites and general medical care services to the general population, the actual implementing beds is 240 beds, that is, 215 beds for custodial care and 25 beds for general health care services. Under the Sanitaria Conversion Plan (D.O. No. 375-5 dated July 26, 1994), the MCS will be implementing 275 beds, that is, 225 beds for custodial care and 50 beds for general services with secondary capabilities.It is located along the East Coast of Zamboanga City, some 12 kilometers from the city proper, and about 400 meters north to the Maria Clara Lobregat National Highway, in a 23-hectar, titled lot in barangay Pasobolong, Mercedes District.
As a Sanitarium, its catchment is the whole Mindanao area. Likewise, this is the area of responsibility of the Traveling Skin Clinic.
As a general hospital, the catchment area and population Under the Sanitarium Conversion Plan, however, the catchment area of MCS, as a Leprosarium, is the entire Mindanao area, while as a general hospital with secondary capabilities, the areas along the East Coast of Zamboanga City